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On the technical side 12-19-2017

Holiday shopping?

Are you shopping for a gift for a spouse, relative, or friend? Are looking for a high tech gift for someone? Some people are really hard to find to satisfy with an appropriate gift. Did they thank you and toss the gift in the trash behind your back? Surprise him or her with a high tech gift that they will appreciate.

Any computer person is probably moving a file from here to there. Even in the connected world of today a flash memory stick is usually a nice gift that will get used. You might not want to surprise your gift recipient with a flash memory if they work in a government shop. Information is usually protected by all kinds of security policies and procedures. It isn’t acceptable to bring classified documents or information from the office to home.

A package of CDROMs or DVDs might be a nice stocking stuffer for the high techie. This is a good source to save programs or data in the event of a system crash. The threat of ransomware has increased the importance of backups. You won’t be able to store an entire computer disk on a CDROM or DVD but it is a convenient way to safely store information worth saving. Don’t get too confident about not needing a backup. It isn’t a question of if but when.

An external hard drive is another gift that can always be used by any computer type person. It is very easy to use the backup up utility built into Windows 10. You turn it on and forget about it. It does its thing without any user intervention after you enable it. Don’t forget to connect the external when you expect to backup information. The old standard was to leave the drive connected. You don’t want to leave your backup open at all times. If a ransomware virus hits, it will encrypt anything that is visible to the computer.

Another good gift idea is a surge protector or UPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply. Don’t buy a “cheap”,no name device. Make sure that you purchase a brand name, guaranteed product. These devices will protect electrical equipment in the event of a power surge. The surge protector will stop any surge going through to a plugged in device but the UPS will keep a device running until the battery is exhausted. The UPS will usually include software and a control cable to tell the computer to shut down when the battery is exhausted.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a gift that a techie type person will appreciate. “It is the thought that counts.” Give your high techie a gift that they will use and appreciate.




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