On the technical side 11-30-2017
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On the technical side 11-30-2017

“Can you hear me now?”

Are you a cell phone user? Do you repeatedly have to ask, “Can you hear me now?”. When you are considering purchasing a cell phone or changing your cell provider, coverage should be an issue. You should also be aware that coverage may depend upon the specific phone that you are using. A cell provider may have coverage in a particular area but your phone may not be able to use the provider’s frequencies.

Back in the “good old days”, families rented the phone for years. It wasn’t unusual to have a phone for 20 years. Phones didn’t change much until the last 30 years. Eventually the phone industry was significantly changed. You could purchase and own a phone. There was only one phone company that was referred to as “Ma Bell”. It was such a friendly company that took a lot of money from the consumers. You would be shocked if you saw a phone bill from 1979. An hour call to California cost $50 - $110.

Every cell phone provider wants you to think that their cell phone coverage is the best. Every provider has specific geographical areas that they serve best but no provider can claim it covers everywhere. Some cell towers are shared by multiple cell providers. You need to determine if the cell provider can provide service that you can use. Can you use the phone at your home?

It might seem like a cell phone is only useful for a year or two. There is a thought that the cell companies are forcing us to buy cell phones frequently for them to get rich. There isn’t much truth in that concept. Cell providers make big money on the services that they provide. Cell phone technology is evolving. It isn’t like the phone company of years ago. New technology and improvements are being introduced almost daily.

One of the new technologies that will best improve coverage is the frequencies used by cell phones. Older cell phones are not equipped to handle the newer frequencies being utilized by the cell companies. All cell phones are not created equally. You may have to retire that old flip phone because it isn’t able to utilize the newer cell frequencies. Cell phones may even be able to utilize satellite frequencies in the future. Imagine no cell towers but coverage anywhere on earth.

The holiday season is a good time to consider a new cell phone. There a lot of sales. Consider what features you consider to be important. Don’t get confused by techno talk. Concentrate on the features that you consider to be important and focus on a phone that addresses your needs.



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