On the technical side 11-14-2017
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On the technical side 11-14-2017

Are you considering updating your computer?

Computers don’t last forever. Actually, most computer hardware will outlast the software. There are many situations where an “old” XP system is still able to run Windows XP but it is not able to be updated successfully. Even many Windows 7 systems that were involuntarily updated to Windows 10 may have problems with incorrect software.

You might be wondering, “How can I have incorrect software? Isn’t Windows, Windows?” Installing an operating system such as Windows on a computer isn’t the hard part of the installation. Microsoft does its best to quality check their work. There are computers in Quality Control with different configurations executing Windows to verify proper operation. Different printers and devices require driver programs to control the device. Those drivers are developed by the hardware manufacturer. Microsoft can’t be held accountable for everyone that develops driver programs. Not all developers have the same skills.

“It’s not my job…” Microsoft can only check a finite number of combinations to during the operating system development. When Windows 2000 was released, there was an idea floating around that Windows 2000 was “BAD”. After people became familiar with Windows 2000, the major cause of Windows 2000 problems was determined to be drivers that were not developed properly. The operating system took the blame for most of the problems.

Even though your computer may be able to run Windows 10, it might not be the best use of resources.  An old computer might “work” but you could be setting yourself for a problem. Everyone’s definition of “work” is different. If the PC works the majority of times but it crashes, it doesn’t “work”. It is broken. You may be satisfied with a computer that crashes daily but that is not the behavior of a working computer.

When you purchase a new computer, consider the programs that you will need. Did you install programs on your old computer? You will need to install those programs on your new computer? The programs probably weren’t free. You will need to budget for those computers. People always forget about license keys. Do you have your license keys? Is the software manufacturer still in business? Is the particular software revision of your old program installable on your new computer?

Are you able to copy your pictures, documents, music, or other data to your new computer?  Now is a good time to test your backup. If the backup didn’t work, it is in your best interest to determine what failed. A failed backup that isn’t during a crisis is a wakeup call. Don’t wait for a crisis to get your attention.

Updating your computer requires some thought and planning. Don’t wait for a crisis to get your attention.




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