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On the technical side 11-07-2017

Don’t get fooled by hackers.

If you have an email account, it is a sure bet that you will receive spam. Spam used to be like simple junk mail. It couldn’t cause any problems unless you contacted the sender and allowed them to sell their wares. Junk mail was relatively harmless. All you had to do was throw it out. Why is email the current preferred delivery method? Why are email solicitations more outrageous than old fashioned junk mail?

Today, email scams are causing serious problems. How do you pick valid email from the multitude of junk mail? How much time do you spend sorting email during the day? Businesses are inundated by a constant barrage of email solicitations. Anyone with a business location can always depend on an occasional solicitor to visit but email solicitations are constant. If you have an email address listed on a website, be prepared for tens if not hundreds of worthless email per day.

Think about how much junk email that you receive every day. Imagine what it does to normal email delivery. There is only so much bandwidth available. That junk email reduces network bandwidth for valid emails and Internet traffic. You pay for a network connection. It doesn’t seem fair to allow snake oil salesmen access to you on your dime. Wouldn’t it be great if sales people had to pay you for access to you? That would probably free up a lot of network bandwidth.

There are spam filters but if you have a business, your email has to be open to unknown email addresses for inquiries about your services. If spam is a problem and you only have a limited list of allowed email addresses, it is pretty easy to set your email to only allow email from that list.

If you have an elderly relative, have a conversation about email and spam. The elderly need to be aware of the many schemes that a hacker will use to gain information. A little information may not seem like a big deal but getting little pieces of information from different sources may give a hacker what is needed for a successful attack.

There is no reason to view email with questionable subject matter. There are a lot of quack geniuses claiming to have the secret to free electricity or health discoveries. Don’t waste your time.  Simply opening a phishing email may even subject you to being scammed. Whatever you do, DON’T OPEN ANY EMAIL ATTACHMENTS!

Email is a great delivery mechanism for viruses. Don’t make it easy for a hacker to take control of your computer. Ransomware disguised as a PDF or document has been used to infect many computers. Use your street smarts and don’t be a hacker’s victim.



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