On the technical side 10-31-2017
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On the technical side 10-31-2017

Have you ever lost power for a long period of time? We take reliable power for granted but an extended power loss can make one much more appreciative of reliable utilities. A power loss should make you consider a backup plan. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of winter with no heat.

You might want to consider a generator to supply power for your heating system, refrigeration, and electronic entertainment. Generators are relatively easy to purchase and use to power your home. Just because you are able to power up your appliances doesn’t mean that you did the job correctly. Did you know that your negligence could injure or kill someone? Many “geniuses” connect the generator to the fuse box but forget that your fuse box is connected to the neighborhood grid . Your generator may be back feeding the grid and seriously injure the folks that are attempting to restore power! If you don’t know the specifics of connecting a generator SAFELY, please consult a professional.

If you have small devices such as a small television, radio, or cell phone, an Uninterrupted Power Supply, UPS, can provide hours of use as long as you don’t try to power everything in your house. These units are designed to power your computer in the event of a power failure for a short period of time. Larger units will provide more power than a small unit. You need to know the requirements of your equipment to be able to calculate your long you can expect your UPS to power your equipment.

In a pinch, you can purchase a automobile cigarette adapter for your cell phone. Many people have discarded the plain old home phone for a cell phone. Keep that cell phone charged to be able to call for help in an emergency. Even if phone lines are down, a cell phone can usually get you help. Make sure to follow your cell phone provider’s advice on how to setup your cell phone. There are procedures that are required to allow the 911 system to locate you but the cell phone must be set up properly.

Please check your friends and neighbors but don’t tie up the phone capacity with blabbing about the weather. Someone with an emergency situation may need to use a circuit or line that you are tying up with useless talk. Keep your communications short and to the point.

Texting is a very efficient communication method. Your typed characters take much less bandwidth than a conversation. Younger generation readers may not relate to the telegraph but this was an efficient communication system of the past. You can effectively communicate with short, precise phrases.

Be prepared for storm season.



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