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On the technical side 07-17-2011


Are you comfortable with your computer today? Don’t get too comfortable with a particular environment because you will be forced to change in the future. It never fails, a hardware failure or software “improvement” will force you into learning a new gadget. 

The good news is that software manufacturers won’t COMPLETELY change everything out from under you but you can be sure that something will be changed in the newest software. “Not invented here” syndrome is always an issue. Software developers change jobs and the new person on the team always has to leave his or her mark.

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On the technical side 07-12-2011


Do you have a “smart” phone? Has your smart phone started acting “dumb”?

Smart phones are wonderful tools when they work properly but they can make your life miserable when they decide to fail. It seems like your trusted assistant has betrayed you. What do you do when your contacts and calendar disappear? Expensive cell phones seem to last only as long as the warranty.

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On the technical side 07-05-2011


Do you remember the big news about the Stuxnet virus about a year ago? Hackers targeted and disrupted the Iranian uranium enrichment program. In this particular case, hackers did the world a favor. No one has taken credit for the good deed but it is suspected that the US or Israeli spy organizations were behind it.

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On the technical side 06-28-2011


Years ago, an email was a simple text message with no attachments. A simple text message today is not unlike an email of 20 years ago. It is limited to about 140 characters but you can exchange a lot of information with that many letters and numbers. The need for short and concise communications has created a short hand language. Is “LOL”, Laugh Out Loud,  the most used abbreviation?

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On the technical side 06-21-2011


Do you have a clever password? Would you like to bet that a hacker could not get into your account? If your account is password protected, you are betting on your password being safe.

Experts say that 20% of passwords are very easily guessed. Do you use your significant other’s name, a birthday, social security number, or phone number? Popular passwords are “password”, “god”, “letmein”, “money” and “love”. How clever are you?

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On the technical side 06-14-2011

Are you under the impression that you can’t be hurt by a computer hacker if you don’t have a computer? Would you be surprised to discover that computers are embedded in most of the conveniences of modern life? 

A few years ago, an experiment revealed that a generator could be destroyed by errant computer instructions. This experiment was a wakeup call to some government officials. An attack could be waged on a country by sending computer commands to shut down the power grid. Governments have become very interested in waging war by attacking an opposing country’s infrastructure.

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On the technical side 06-07-2011

It's summer travel time. Is your computer and camera ready for travelling?

How do you carry your computer or camera? A carry case is not a fashion statement. It should be big enough to carry your equipment and accessories and provide some protection against bumps. People regularly bring their laptops to my office in flimsy decorative sacks. They might be pretty but they offer no protection. Don't forget that you need to have room for the power adapter.

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On the technical side 05-31-2011

How broken is your computer?

You attempted to turn on your computer one day but it refused display the Windows desktop. “My computer won’t start” is a very common complaint that my office receives but you need to provide more details before the problem can be resolved.

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on the technical side 05-24-2011


Do you use Facebook? How many “friends” do you have? Is “friend” the best description of contacts that you have on Facebook? Do you really consider all of your Facebook “friends” to be friends?

My Space seemed to start the social contacts on the Internet craze. There have been imitators but Facebook is the current fad. Twitter is another social networking tool that is very popular. If you have a lot of friends you can blast a tweet to let everyone know what you are doing. Who really cares? Don’t most people have more important things to do than follow trivial details in other people’s lives?

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On the technical side 05-17-2011


Is your laptop battery failing to power your laptop? Is your plug in power supply not up to the task of powering your laptop and charging the battery?

Laptops and their power problems are always a very popular subject of discussion at my office. You should always be able to plug in your laptop power supply and continue using your laptop but this is not always the case. What is your plan of action to get things working again?

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