On the technical side 04-28-2009
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On the technical side 04-28-2009

Twitter in the news:


Have you heard about Twitter? Twitter is the latest fad that has been making news lately. It is another social engineering network application like MySpace or FaceBook that makes it easy to notify all your fans about your big news of the minute. It uses instant messaging to send information. Can you compose your message in less than 140 characters?



Twitter isn't really new, it's been around for a few years but it seems that celebrities are just discovering it now. Oprah has even opened a Twitter account. Ashton Kutcher has challenged CNN to a contest to gather 1 Million Twitter followers. As of Wednesday, Aston had 896,947 followers and CNN had 937,787.

Brittany Spears has a whopping 905,640 followers. Ashton recently posted a youtube video that promises the millionth subscriber to his account a place in history. The manufacturer of the Sims computer game will make the lucky millionth follower, a Sim character. A few other famous personalities have sweetened the deal pledging to donate to the winner's favorite charity.


Seventeen year old Mike Mooney made big news by hacking Twitter accounts to advertise his web site. Mikey was asked during a recent interview, "Do you realize you could be arrested for this?" His replay was " Yes, I'm aware.

I'm not worried though. I know that it could land me in jail." He should be a bit more concerned. Website organizations have to make examples of hackers. It doesn't matter that there was a security hole that was exploited big business doesn't appreciate it when someone threatens their revenue source.


Samy Kamkar hacked MySpace a few years ago. MySpace officials weren't amused and took him to court. He is now a convicted felon, was sentenced to probation, community service, must pay an undisclosed restitution to MySpace, and is ONLY allowed to use a computer for employment. No more hacking for Samy!


Is Twitter and all the other social networking tools a waste of time? A recent article about the salmonella outbreak indicates that MySpace was used to notify the public about the outbreak. Did MySpace save lives? CNN's account that is competing against Ashton Kutcher's account is used  to broadcast  breaking news.


Twitter might seem like a toy but it can be used to disperse information quickly. Sure, it can be used to waste computer time and resources but it can also be used constructively. ...but I have to wonder, how did Brittany Spears get almost 1 million followers?


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