On the technical side 04-14-2009
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On the technical side 04-14-2009

Spring has been officially here for a few weeks. Have you considered a spring cleaning for your computer? Did you know that your computer needs an occasional cleaning?


It is a good idea to open the case and use air to blow any dust that has collected over the winter months.

Make sure that you remove the power cord before you open the case. A misplaced piece of metal can  ruin your computer.



Proper air flow is necessary for a healthy computer . Lint, dust, and other particles will clog up the computer fans. Smoking can turn any accumulated particles into a paste that will clog up the fans and cause computer failure.


Don't buy any canned air, use a vacuum or air mattress inflater to blow out the dust. Canned air is one of the biggest wastes of resources. The air is exhausted and the can is deposited in a land fill.


Keyboards are also a nice dirt and grime collector.  Black keyboards are the style today. Do you remember those dirty white keyboards that used to be in every office? It isn't that keyboards are cleaner, black tends to hide the dirt. A soft cloth lightly dampened with a gentle cleaner will freshen up your keyboard. Use a q-tip to get between the keys. Check any cleaners before you use them. One client used a solvent that melted her keyboard.


You should also consider tuning up your computer. Don't get worried about files on the computer. A common misconception is that a lot of files will slow down your computer. It is OK to store things on the computer. You do need to consider programs that are running on your computer. Remove any unnecessary programs that might be stealing time from your machine. Don't waste your computer performance with programs that you don't need.


Cute little "free" programs might not really be free. Some of the free programs on the Internet are garbage that allow a business to send your computer pop ups. Try to check out what is installed on your computer. Don't allow companies to sell their wares on your computer. You can always google for something when you decide that you want something.



Keep on the alert for any strange computer behavior. The conficker worm is not dead. No, the sky is not falling but you need to be vigilant. April first was the expected day of the worm activation. It didn't happen but you can be sure that it will be happen. ...some day!


Even if your computer is not infected, you will affected. There will be network interruptions but the origin of the worm will be discovered.







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