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What is the deal with Apple?

This is a very vague question. Is the question asking about the state of Apple, the company or the computer products built by Apple? Both, company and computer, have very interesting stories.

On Thursday, January 24, 2013, the price of Apple stock lost 10% in value. Isn’t that odd? The company has market leading products and has announced record earnings. What is wrong this picture? “Hind sight is 20/20”. Financial geniuses will climb on the “I predicted this” band wagon but it would be interesting to look back into exactly who said what about Apple, a year or even just one month ago.

One financial expert was asked about his predictions. He replied that he gives two opposing predictions. He tells one news service one thing and gives the opposite prediction to another news service. As long as the stock does something, he is viewed as a genius by one news service.

August 1997, Apple was a done company. Microsoft even infused $125M into the company.  Look at the state of the company today. Apple is valued at $423B and Microsoft is valued at $232B. How things have changed.

The Apple computer has always been an elegant computer product. Apples were the first windows computers. Actually, a windows type interface was offered by Xerox that controlled their big ticket copiers. Apple is credited with stealing Windows from Xerox.  Microsoft is credited with stealing Windows from Apple.

Apple computers have always had a high entry price mark. If you compared what you needed to spend for an Apple, an Apple was usually twice the price of a comparable PC. No manufacturer is lemon free but most Apple products are well built.

Apple offers some other interesting products such as iPods, iPads, and iPhones. The iPod was an interesting media tool. It gave you the ability to carry thousands of songs with you for your listening pleasure during the day.  Eventually, it morphed into a device that would allow you to view videos and even surf the Internet.

The iPhone used a lot of iPod technology to become the most wanted cell Phone on the market. Have you heard of “Apple picking”? iPhone theft is so popular that it warrants a new term.  Police departments warn citizens to keep your iPhone out of sight. Would you carry your wallet by your head while walking down a busy street? You are an easy target for an iCrime.

Are you getting the feeling that the letter “i” is going to become an Apple trademark? Every recent product from Apple is an iSomething. Will it be a patent infringement to use the letter “i” in the future?

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