On the technical side 03-17-2009
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On the technical side 03-17-2009

"Don't keep all your eggs in one basket"


Do you do online banking? What would you do if you couldn't get access to your bank website?

Last weekend, there was a problem gaining access to my bank's website. The bank was COMPLETELY off line. The online banking as well as the bank website were not available. There was no one to call to inquire about the outage.

All kinds of things swirled thru my head. Was the bank seized? When would I have access to my funds?



If you are like me, you might like to hold on to your cash until the last possible moment before you pay your bills. If the bank's online banking goes down, I can't wait until the last minute before I pay my bills or I can expect SERVICE charges.


There are a few things that I was able to do to attempt to diagnose the problem but I was totally on my own. There was no one at the bank to confirm the problem.


One network tool that every network person knows is "ping". Open up a cmd window on your computer. Type "ping www.google.com". You should see responses from google appear on your screen.

Replace google with the name of the place that you are attempting to contact. This will confirm that something is listening and responding on the network.


What if there is no response? Some network locations do not respond to pings but you can use another tool to check the route to your desired website. Use a cmd window and type "tracert www.google.com". Replace google with the website that you are trying to contact. This tool will display all the hops that are required to make a connection to the place that you are trying to contact.


Your computer doesn't connect directly to another computer on the Internet.

It makes a connection to one computer that connects to a chain of other computers until it connects to the final desired website.

There could be a computer in the chain that is broken. This appeared to be the situation that was happening at my bank.


A call to the bank, one minute after opening on Monday morning confirmed my suspicion. There was no problem at the bank but the connection to the bank went down.


What did the bank do wrong? There was no one to call to inquire about the problem. Loss of Internet access should have rang alarm bells. Internet access is a 24 hour a day operation.


What did I do wrong? I put all my eggs in one basket. I depended on one bank that didn't believe in access to the bank, 24x7.





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