On the technical side 03-03-2009
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On the technical side 03-03-2009

What would you do?


An official looking email from your bank arrives in your email box. The message contains a link or a  phone number  to respond to the email. Would you click on the link? Would you call the phone number contained in the email?



Most banks do not send out email with important notices. Do the safe thing, telephone the bank using a number that you know to be correct. There have been email scams that send a fake phone number that connect you to the scammers. Definitely don't follow any links contained in any questionable emails.


If fake emails scare you, consider this type of an attack. The bad guys get into the DNS service that directs Internet browsers to the correct website.

For example, if you want to go to Enterprise Bank and Trust, type in the correct address. The website appears and you are safely on the bank website.

WRONG! The bad guys have altered the DNS to point to a fake website. Log in and the bad guys have your banking information. You haven't done anything wrong. How come you are getting targeted?


Enterprise Bank and Trust and other banking sites have a good defense for you. The bank displays a picture that is specific to your log in prompt.

When you try to log in, you see a particular picture. If you don't see your specific picture, RUN! Don't enter any information but you should call the bank to make sure that there are no problems.


It seems like the bad guys are continually thinking of new ways to steal our savings. Some people use the economy as an excuse for dishonesty. It is never ok to steal. Most people will not resort to theft no matter how bad things get. You would probably find that there is a small number of people in the world that are causing most of the problems.



If your virus scanner warns you about a virus threat, are you REALY sure that the virus scanner is the source of the pop up? Websites have been poisoned to generate official looking pop ups. Unsuspecting victims click on the pop up and they are infected with MALWARE.


Before you click on ANYTHING, make sure that it is a valid pop up. It is very easy to get fooled, the pop ups look valid. If you have any doubts, don't click on the link. Ask a friend to verify your suspicion about a pop up. Don't risk your computer.


Always use common sense during your Internet travels. A little common sense will keep you out of trouble.



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