On the technical side 02-24-2009
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On the technical side 02-24-2009


“What virus scanner will COMPLETELY protect my computer?”


Here is the short answer, “There isn't a program that will completely protect your computer”.

If you have any misconceptions that there is one tool that will resolve all your problems, forget them.



Malware is constantly being developed and unleased upon us. Malware is a good  general term to describe all the bad junk that can mess up your computer. You can get hung up on fine points and definitions but it doesn't matter what the name is for something that messes up your computer. Your computer is broken and requires service. You might even have a few more colorful words to describe malware.


The antivirus market leaders such as Norton and Mcafee are huge resource pigs. Malware targets these programs. The antivirus programs are jumbled and set into a state that you can't use or remove. Don't place too much trust in virus scanners.


Evil geniuses are busy thinking of new ways to mess up our computers. Most of the really irritating threats are aimed at turning your computer into an advertising machine. You should note that there aren't too many original thinkers, a lot of the malware writers actually copy other malware programs.

You could say that the copycat hackers just add a little personality to the original malware.


The BEST antivirus tool is YOU! Most people are pretty savvy and take steps to protect their computers. You might discover that a “friend” who “knows”

all about computers might be your problem. It is amazing how daring people get on other people's computers.


Websites are constantly under attack. Hackers take pleasure in “poisoning”

websites. Imagine logging on to a government website and being greated by pornography. Some of the personal contact websites such as My Space or Facebook are especially prone to problems. Be careful when you follow any links on these websites. That link to a “friend” might infect your computer.




Microsoft has decided to attract some talent to help find troublemakers on the Internet. Cold hard cash is a good incentive to urge some detectives into action. It will be interesting to see if this reward entices anyone into revealing what they know about this particular worm.




“...make sure USB devices are clean before plugging them into the computer. My question is, How? “ Michael


Make sure that the device is from a reputable manufacturer. Set your computer to not allow programs to auto execute from the USB. Have your virus scanner scan the device for any malware.



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