On the technical side 02-17-2009
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On the technical side 02-17-2009



Thieves hacked into the World Pay computer system and orchestrated a heist of $9M.

It took a coordinated effort of over 130 participants to steal $9M only 30 minutes.


World Pay provides businesses a way to pay employees through a debit card.

Businesses deposit money into employees accounts and the employees withdraw the funds at ATMs as payment for services provided.



This hack was no easy feat. The hackers were able to steal 100 accounts from World Pay and get back into the World Pay computer systems and transfer money for withdrawal. 130 people were enlisted to perform the actual withdrawals in cities around the world. The entire withdrawal action occurred in just 30 minutes. Imagine making $9M in 30 minutes!


There are pictures and videos of the people withdrawing funds. Someone is going to talk....

It will be interesting to discover who was behind this crime.



Last week an Anonymous  reader reported that Lavasoft Ad-aware had erased his hard drive. Lavasoft responded to an email inquiry.

"The issue that your client is referring to was a problem lasting for about

24 hours and when it was discovered it was fixed immediately and the clients that contacted us for help, we assisted them.


It is all resolved now and you and your readers can safely use Ad-aware."


Lavasoft has to be credited for a quick response but this problem should have been discovered and addressed before the product was released to the public. If you search www.lavasoft.com , you won't find any references to the problem. The information should have been much easier to obtain. What happened to people who didn't call tech support to ask for help?



AVG reports a virus on my computer after installing a digital picture frame.

Marty S. Lowell


A few weeks ago, I recall reading that some digital picture frames were shipped from the manufacturer with viruses. It could happen but I didn't think much of it until Marty reported the problem.


If you plug anything into your USB port, windows can allow the device to execute programs and install a virus on your computer. Make sure that you know what you are plugging into your computer. A strange USB device may be the source of a virus.


This particular virus hides and sends personal info to the bad guys. You've been warned. Use caution when using a digital picture frame. Make sure that it is clean of viruses before you plug it into your computer.










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