On the technical side 02-10-2009
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On the technical side 02-10-2009


"Are you aware of Lavasoft Ad-aware anniversary edition problems....

I installed it on my computer and it erased my hard drive" Anonymous


This problem was reported by telephone conversation. The caller reported that the program had erased EVERYTHING on his computer. After searching the Internet, there were a few references to similar situations but the caller also provided a link that described the problem.



New applications are some times the cause of serious computer problems.

The developer of applications should be doing testing to catch problems but problematic programs do make it out the door. In a perfect world, there would only be perfect products. You have to have confidence in the creator of the software that you use on your computer. Let's hope that the creators of software on your computer have earned your trust.


Needless to say the caller was extremely upset with the his experience and wanted to warn readers.

The caller is not a chicken little or boy crying wolf. This was a serious problem that caused a lot of problems to the caller. It doesn't appear that the problem affected too many users but when you are the one with the problem, IT'S MAJOR!



"Thought this might be of interest for your column.

http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/118488" George, Lowell George reports an interesting scam that some enterprising crook thought up.

Crooks place fake parking tickets on cars. The fake ticket includes a website to pay for your ticket.

The scam was attempted in the Dakotas area. It hasn't been reported to have been tried any where else but you have been warned. The tickets aren't especially high quality reproductions but they did fool some people into making payments. Check with your local parking fine collection organization at your city hall if you have any questions.



Lately, there seems to be a rash of computers that are infected with adware.

If your computer

seems to be possessed and generates advertising popups, you may have been infected by adware. Some people think that a popup blocker is the solution to the problem but that solution only masks the underlaying problem.


Use Caution when traveling the Internet. A click on the wrong website can allow garbage on your machine. It is very rare that your computer could be infected without your help. You or someone using your computer is allowing the garbage software to be installed on your computer.


Don't fall for any FREE computers or other GREAT deals. You might not like the results from that click on a website with the unbelievable deal. Don't forget, "if it's too good to be true..."






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