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Hackers on the run

It may seem that the hackers are winning the cyber war but law enforcement has won a few battles this year. Think about it, what do hackers have for resources? If you are a hacker, how would you support yourself? Government agencies have almost limitless resources that can be used to apprehend hackers.

Do you really believe that you can make anonymous phone calls? One infamous hacker who appears to have cleaned up his act, demonstrated how caller ID block really works. When you key the command to block your caller ID, all the information about the caller is still available to the phone service provider. Your phone call can be traced.

Another myth is anonymous network connections. If you really believe that you can remain anonymous , I have a bridge to sell you. How could you even think that you can remain anonymous if you connect to the Internet? You have to connect to a service provider, the service provider must know something about a connection on their network.

Using an unprotected wireless network is an open invitation to uninvited guests to piggyback. Piggybacking is the practice of using a neighbor’s unprotected network as your network connection. Good neighbors don’t piggyback without permission.

Don’t get too comfortable with the notion that you have nothing to hide. A piggybacker could download child pornography and you would be blamed for it. Would you like to defend yourself against that kind of crime?

There are some interesting tactics that have been used for years to determine the source of viruses and malware. When you create any program on a computer, there are all kinds of pieces of information left in the program. A simple scan of the program might even reveal your name and address!

Have you heard about the FBI virus? It is a little clever hack that attempts to scare people into sending money to the virus creators. When the virus is activated, the victim’s webcam is activated and their picture is posted on the computer screen.  If you pay your fine, the FBI won’t arrest you. Don’t fall for that one.

When the Georgian government was under constant cyber attacks from suspected Russian hackers, they did some hacking on the hacker. The hacker downloaded a bait document and got a BIG surprise. A program in the document turned on the webcam and sent a picture of the hacker to authorities. Say, “CHEESE!”. I would have loved to see the look on that genius’s face when he realized he had been hacked.

Hackers have caused governments, banks, and the general population problems but their days are becoming numbered. Maybe they should spend some time doing something productive.


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