On the technical side 02-03-2009
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On the technical side 02-03-2009


Early Saturday morning, if you attempted a google search, you were greeted with a warning, "This site may harm your computer".


Google does some checking

before a search result is delivered to you. Someone made a programming error and made the search filtering too strict. All google searches on Saturday morning between 9:30am and 10:30am generated that warning.



Some of you might be thinking, "what a bunch of knuckleheads!". Don't be too harsh in your judgment. What if there was no warning and there was a problem? I'll take a false positive indication that a problem is occurring any day. It is much easier to respond to a false alarm than an infected computer.


The people at Google provide a great service to the Internet. Do you remember previous search engines that were full of advertising? Google keeps your search pages relatively free of clutter and advertising. There might be a lot of listings but the information displayed is short and sweet. The things listed on the right side of the search page are pay for ads but the things listed in the center of the page are harvested by the search robots.


It is amazing that Google has been able to keep things going as well as they have done since they emerged on the Internet. One small error shouldn't wreck their record. Consider Google's response to the problem, the error was discovered and resolved in an hour.


If you saw the warning, did you panic? What did you do?




The president's website, my.barackobama.com, was the victim of hackers.

Hackers registered accounts and posted links that connected visitors to pornographic websites. Imagine connecting to the president's website, following a link on the page, and discovering pornography on your computer.


What did the website visitor do wrong? They forgot to be suspicious of links on any website. The links on the Obama brought users to a website with a video. In order to see the video, users were notified to download a viewer.

The viewer was a fake infected flash player. After they downloaded the player, users discovered that their computer had become x-rated.


Are you getting tired of continuous web attacks? I certainly am! Traveling on the Internet is just like walking the streets of a big city that is full of street vendors. Most are not registered and will sell you anything for a great price.


How do you survive on the streets of a big city? What would you do if someone was standing on a street corner announcing that you won a lottery?

Would you stop to get more details? ...of course not!


Bring your street smarts with you to the Internet.




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