On the technical side 01-27-2009
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On the technical side 01-27-2009


Before you accept online product reviews as gospel, consider the recent revelations about a Belkin business development representative, Michael Bayand. He was caught recruiting fake reviewers for  Belkin products.


"Write as if you own the product and are using it" was one of the requirements on the posting for fake reviews. Another requirement was to discredit any unfavorable reviews.

A situation like this can only happen when there is a breakdown in the moral character of all the players. Shame on the person requesting fake reviews and the people willing to write the reviews. The fakers were only paid less than a dollar to lie. Is your integrity worth less than a dollar?


Belkin's president responded with an apology on the company website press releases.

As of January 22, the company was conducting an internal investigation. What is there to investigate?

There was a request for fake favorable reviews that was posted by a Belkin employee.


A few years ago, a retailer asked me to evaluate a Belkin wireless router.

It made a  wonderful door stop. Don't ask me what I thought of its routing functionality.



How does the president keep in touch with his close friends and advisors?

President Obama has commented that he would continue to use his blackberry to keep in touch.


Believe it or not, this could be a security problem for the president.

Recently, the security guardians for the president approved a special edition blackberry for his use. Any cell phone provides some limited location information on the cell phone. Some cell phones even provide GPS location. This is a real security nightmare for the people charged with protecting our president. Imagine if the president's immediate location was available to someone intent on hurting the president.


Another consideration is encrypting the messages to and from the president.

A lot of people seen to think that personal messages might not be very exciting but you learn a lot by patiently gathering information. Little pieces of information add up and provide the big picture.


There have been studies on the use of turning cell phones into listening devices. Imagine turning that blackberry device into a listening device?

Enemies of the United States could have access to private conversations.

Imagine what that could to tough world negotiations.



The most popular repair that my office has been addressing is hard drive failure. Word to the wise, BACKUP!  There are some recovery operations that can be performed by your neighborhood repair shop but really serious failures require clean room operations. Even clean room operations don't guaranty a successful recovery. Data recovery is a very expensive operation that can be easily avoided.





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