On the technical side 01-20-2009
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On the technical side 01-20-2009



Lately, when conflicts break out in the world, there are usually reports of new computer virus infections. The Israeli/Gaza conflict has also been the breeding ground for a new virus to consider.


Here is how a new attack is made on your computer.

You receive an email that contains a link to a fake CNN site. Click on the link to the fake site and you will find a video on the page. When you attempt to run the video, there is a notice that you need an update to Adobe flash. Click on that link and allow the "new and improved " player to be installed on your system. Now you are in trouble. The virus appears to collect keystrokes and report them to the originator of the virus. Those keystrokes could be your bank account password.


This virus also includes a difficult infection to detect and remove. A rootkit is a new and improved form of virus infection. It is the technique that Sony used in its misguided attempt to prevent copying music. Sony was successfully sued and paid a large settlement. If you simply played a Sony music cd on your computer, your system was infected with the rootkit.


The good news is that you had to go out of your way to infect your computer.

You had to open email

from someone that you didn't know, click on a link in the email, and click on a link on the fake web page. It took a few bad decisions by the victim to infect his or her computer. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security, some of these infections can appear to originate from your friend's computer.


If you have a properly maintained virus scanner, it would probably warn you about the virus when you attempted download the infected program. It doesn't matter what virus scanner that you use on your computer. If you are determined to check out seedy websites, you will catch virus and spyware.


There hasn't been any proof that Arabs or Israelis are the source of the new virus but it is interesting that the virus is triggered by following a link to news on the war. During the latest Russian military campaign, both sides accused each other of hacking computer resources.


Warfare will continue to fought on computers. If a country's financial system is destroyed or crippled, it would have no money to purchase weapons or staff an army. Enemies don't have to meet on the field of  battle to destroy an opponent's war machine. Take away the money and the war machine grinds to a halt.



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