On the technical side 01-06-2009
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On the technical side 01-06-2009

New Year's resolution for your computer:

If you need some ideas for New Year's resolutions, have you considered improving your computer work environment?

Are you backing up your important information? This is an issue that most people ignore until the computer fails. How do you get the information off a failed computer?

It is much easier to address this issue if you have taken some action before the failure.

Are you someone who has stacks of papers on your desk? If you absolutely must keep the original docuements, file them in a file cabinet. Don't feel too bad, I once worked with someone who had collected a VERY large amount of printed material over the years. His small office cubicle was so full of his archives that it had overflowed into the isle. There was just enough room to for his chair. His desktop was so full of papers and magazines that he used his keyboard from his lap. You could say that his "laptop" had become his desktop.

If there are documents or copies of documents that you must keep, consider scanning them into your computer. There are no stacks of paper, the clutter is inside of the computer in the virtual world. Plan out a filing system. You might want to file by date or subject matter. Get those papers off your desk.

Give your computer a good cleaning. Eating while typing can turn your computer keyboard into a black greasy mess. A soft cloth dampened with a plastic friendly cleaner can spruce up a keyboard. Make sure that you check the cleaner before you use it on the keyboard. some cleaners and solvents will actually disolve the plastic. Cotton q-tips can be used to clean the edges of the keys.

Keep the vents on the computer free for good air flow. Your computer doesn't breathe but good air flow is required for proper cooling. Vacuum dust from the computer. You would be surprised how much dust gets caught in the computer.

Have you been keeping up with the Microsoft updates? Microsoft does very rarely introduce problems with the monthly updates but you should keep your system up to date. Security problems are continuously being discovered and resolved. Don't wait until it is too late to discover that you should have been doing updates.

Do you have a virus scanner installed on your computer? Is the virus scanner up to date? You don't have any excuses. There are some excellent FREE virus scanners available on the Internet.

Do you have a tip or resolution for your computer? Email your suggestions and share your computer tips with your fellow readers.





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