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RTM, Read The Manual.

It used to be when you asked a computer guru a question, the standard answer was “RTM!” which translated to “read the manual”. If the tech expert was feeling particularly nasty, he might respond, “RTFM!”. Guess what the additional letter signified?

A select few geniuses seem to think that we mere mortals were not worthy of their attention. If you attempted to read the manual, many times the manual was nowhere to be found or there were inaccuracies that required clarification. “Oh no, now I have to ask the self- appointed deity…”

Have you ever asked an expert a question but the question is not answered? It’s possible that the expert doesn’t know the answer and is embarrassed to respond, “I don’t know.” The expert may attempt to dominate with snide comments about your IQ or baffle you with baloney. It isn’t a flaw to know what you don’t know. You are doing the smart thing and asking a question.

“There are no stupid questions.” You will never find out unless you ask. Don’t worry, a real expert will find a common knowledge base and build on that base to answer your question. How do you think the experts were able to become experts?

How do you find how to do something on a computer? A good place to start is to ask a friend. It is amazing how many conversations between friends are about computer problems. “Has your computer ever …?” “How do you get the computer to …?”

Years ago, when you purchased a computer, there was always a stack of documentation that described everything about your new computer. Today, there is no stack of manuals but you can usually find answers to questions on the Internet.  There is also a lot of misinformation to evaluate. You almost have to be a detective to determine fact, fiction, or fantasy.

It is important to understand that while you might have an XYZ computer, you probably don’t need the manual for that particular computer to solve a program problem. Sure, you need to know the special characteristics of the XYZ computer but if your problem occurs when you are using a popular program, it makes sense to look for an answer in that program manual.

When searching for information, be as specific as possible.  Searching for all information about the XYZ computer is not going to help you. You will get a lot of information but the particular information that you are seeking will be hidden in all the stuff that the search engine has found.

It is very likely that any information that you are seeking will be on the Internet but you may have to sharpen your skills to find it.

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