On the technical side 09-30-2008
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On the technical side 09-30-2008


Have you heard of Craiglist? It is an Internet service much like ebay except there is no cost to place listings. You can even find jobs on Craigslist.


One technology saavy bank robber used Craigslist to post a job for a decoys.

The posting advertised $28.50 for a road flagman job in Monroe, Washington.

About a dozen unsuspecting respondents to the job posting were emailed what to wear and when to show up for work.



While an armored car was making a delivery to the Bank of America, a person dressed as a flagman sprayed mace in the guard's face and grabbed the bag of money. The thief jumped into a nearby river and made his escape in an inner tube.


Police may have been distracted by the dozen decoy flagmen while the robber made his escape.

...and by the way, the thief stiffed his decoys. They showed up for work as instructed but he failed to pay them for their labor.



Do you know how to exorcise a "haunted" computer? If your computer is behaving badly there is a low cost solution to your problem.


If you don't have any important documents, pictures, or files on your computer, format the drive and reinstall windows. Make very sure that you don't have anything that you need to save before you reinstall Windows. You wouldn't believe how often someone says it is ok to "Clean the system" but remembers that there are some priceless family pictures on the computer.

Always ask, "Are you sure that it is ok to format.... Are you REALLY sure.... Are you REALLY REALLY sure...."


There are so many different variations of viruses and other nasties that there is no magic program that will clean your computer. There are a lot of tricks to cleaning your computer but formating and reinstalling windows will work EVERY time.


You don't need to be a rocket scientist to install Windows but you should make sure that you understand the process. You should also make sure that your computer's manufacturer included a Windows installation cdrom when you purchased your computer. You can't install Windows unless you have an installation cdrom.


A lot of computer manufacturers simply add a section to the hard drive that includes the Windows installation. They don't provide you an installation cdrom. This doesn't help if the hard drive has failed. It's a lot like giving you an extra key to your car but the extra key is locked in the car.


Consider what you would do if your computer fails. Don't get caught when you least afford a computer failure. Have a backup and recovery plan in place before your computer fails.





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