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Did you receive any high tech gifts for the holidays? Is that gift ready for use?

If you received a computer, will you be doing backups? Windows 7 offers a very easy backup utility to keep all of your information safe from loss. Do you know how to set up the backup? Do you have an external hard drive for backing up your system?

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Hackers on the run

It may seem that the hackers are winning the cyber war but law enforcement has won a few battles this year. Think about it, what do hackers have for resources? If you are a hacker, how would you support yourself? Government agencies have almost limitless resources that can be used to apprehend hackers.

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“Who is Cookie?”

While dropping off a computer to be repaired, one poor guy said his wife had accused him of having an affair. His wife saw a popup on the computer that stated something about “cookie”. “WHO IS COOKIE?”, his wife demanded. I can only imagine the rest of the conversation but questions like that don’t start a pleasant conversation.

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Have you ever attempted to surf the Internet but discovered that your home page is not set to where it used to be? You might have discovered that your home page has been “hijacked”.  This is a very common strategy by hack marketers who attempt to steer you to their product information.

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Did you stand in line on Black Friday for a computer or other high tech deal? Did you complete all of your holiday high tech shopping? It isn’t enough to just know the word, “computer”, to make a smart computer purchase.

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Virus Removal & Tune Up

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