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If you received a new computer for the holidays, have you taken steps to keep your new computer properly maintained? A computer doesn’t need oil changes like your car but it does require periodic attention. There are a few issues to consider before you power up your new computer.

The first issue to consider is a surge protector. The electricity delivered to your house is occasionally affected by lightning, accidents, and equipment failure. You can find a good surge protector at the hardware store or computer retailer. Generic or non-labeled surge protectors offer little to no protection. Always choose a name brand surge protector with a real guarantee. Does the manufacturer warranty equipment plugged into the surge protector?

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“It’s supposed to do that…”


If you are like me, it might take you months before you discover all the new features in your new computer. I’m still discovering things about a laptop that I purchased last summer.


One thing that was particularly troublesome was the DVD drive. Sometimes, it was missing from “My Computer”. Other times it was there and functioned perfectly. Troubleshooting intermittent problems are always the most difficult to resolve.  It was a new computer and the DVD worked in the past. I assumed that one of the many programs that I tested must have misconfigured the computer to not “see” the DVD drive. Removing all test programs didn’t fix the problem.

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Have you done all of your holiday shopping? What are some gift ideas this year for the computer or gadget person in your life?

Books and music are always good choice for a gift but you don’t have to actually purchase a book or CD. You can purchase a gift card from one of the major book or music download sites.

If you give someone a book or music download, how will they enjoy the book or music? If a person has access to a computer, they will be able to enjoy almost any book or music download. All of the major book and music formats can be used by a computer.

A Barnes and Noble nook or an Amazon kindle are easy to use and allow you to carry hundreds of books in the space of a single mid-sized book. You can bring your entire library with you anywhere. Would a book reader be a good gift?

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A few days ago I started receiving text messages on my cell phone that notified me of a problem with my Sovereign Bank account. The problem is that I don’t have a Sovereign Bank account. A local Lowell Sun reader also sent me an email asking about the same phishing text messages.

If you are interested, you can search the Internet for the source of a phone number. The phone number that was included in phishing  message was 636-243-9102 Check out, and you will find a lot of people who have received similar text messages. Don’t waste your time responding to text messages that contain “urgent” notices.  Think about it, did you ever give your bank your cell number? If you ever receive a text message from your bank, call your bank directly to verify any “urgent” notice. Don’t use the phone number in the text message. It probably doesn’t ring your bank.

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The new Apple iPhone has a new software release that resolves short battery life problems. Even great companies like Apple occasionally release products that are not ready for prime time. Eventually design flaws are resolved. The burden is on you to stay informed.

It is not enough to purchase a product and expect it to be perfect.  You have to realize that there is a problem and know how to search for a fix.

Registering your new high tech product is the first step to staying in the loop. The company can’t tell you about a problem if they don’t know how to reach you. If you discover something that doesn’t work correctly, search the Internet for any news about the problem. The manufacturer may have a webpage that discusses problems and fixes. Sometimes, you might find a workaround for the problem. A workaround is not a fix but it might allow you to get past a problem.

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