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Mark Gasson, a computer scientist at Reading university, has implanted a device in his hand similar to RFID devices currently used to identify pets.

The major news about this event is that his device contains a computer virus. We don't have to worry about a half man, half machine infecting us or tuning the human race into cyborgs.

Dr Gasson's experiment is a proof of concept. Computers that read RFIDs do not execute programs that are downloaded from RFIDs but they could in the future. There is no danger of Dr Gasson becoming a cyborg zombie. At this moment in history, computer viruses and biological viruses are separate and distinct but one has to wonder, how close will the link between human and computer become in the future?

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Everyone is probably aware that their computer is open to malware infections when connected to the Internet. There are a few less obvious infection techniques that you should also consider. Your computer is vulnerable to malware infection any time that you connect something to it.

About a year ago, digital picture frames from China were determined to be the delivery mechanism for malware. One would assume that a digital picture frame merely copies pictures for display but it can also secretly download programs to the computer.

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Have you heard about the robot that will be joining humans on the International Space Station? GM and NASA collaborated to create Robonaut2, R2, to assist humans in space and GM factory assembly lines.


The major purpose of R2’s duty in space will be to observe how well the robot performs in weightlessness and interacts with humans. It is expected that the robot will require software updates and additional hardware during its stay in space.  Currently the robot is not configured for work outside the space station.

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The US Treasury website was hacked last week. Hackers were able to alter the code that controlled the website. If you clicked on the “wrong” link while visiting the treasury site, you may have found yourself redirected to a malicious site in the Ukraine. The treasury responded quickly and corrected the altered code.


There were no statements about how hackers were able to get into the website but weak passwords might have been a factor. Everyone has to get serious about security. Passwords are there for a reason. If a hacker can guess a password, it isn’t a good password.



Are you considering purchase of an electronic book reader? The major players seem to be the Barnes and Noble Nook or Amazon Kindle. I’ve been on the fence and back and forth over the last few months. Every time that I think that I’m close to a decision, one more issue pops up. I’ve read plenty of reviews on both the devices.


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A few weeks ago, a Mcafee antivirus update caused a lot of problems. Mcafee incorrectly identified that a critical system file was infected with a virus and removed the file. Affected computers were unable to boot up. Many government agencies use Mcafee as their standard antivirus program and were affected by the update mess.

There probably wasn’t enough testing done before the update was released on the public. This isn’t the first time an update from a major software manufacturer has caused problems. One has to hope that manufacturers learn from their mistakes. Mcafee took the appropriate action and resolved the issue but this error has severely impacted Mcafee’s reputation.

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