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You received a new computer for the holidays. You have transferred all your important files to the new computer. The old computer has been sent off to the computer rest home. Things couldn't be better, the new computer is really fast. You don't have to worry about a thing since you have a new computer.

Did you remember to connect your computer to a surge protector? Don't settle for a cheap surge protector that offers no real protection. Purchase a name brand surge protector from a manufacturer that stands behind their products.

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The holidays have brought you a new computer but what do you do with your old system?

Are you sure that you can't use the old computer? Do you have any family members in school?
The old computer can still be used to type school papers. You might consider using the old computer as a file server, music player, firewall, data terminal, or dedicate it to some other computer task.

If you don't need another computer in your home, how do you dispose of your old computer?
You can sell your old system but there is a risk involved when you sell something. Some people seem to think that there is a warranty included when they buy anything. Do you want to be on the hook for any problem that the buyer experiences with your old system? It might make sense to give your old computer to friend or relative.

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Recently, you might have noticed that you were not able to send email to a hotmail or MSN addresses if you had a Comcast account. You were able to receive email from hotmail or MSN accounts but you weren't able to send email to hotmail or MSN accounts. Was there something wrong with your computer?

This situation was pretty interesting. If you checked the Internet for any news about the problem, you probably discovered a lot of conflicting postings about the problem. One posting stated that it was Comcast's fault while another stated that it was hotmail and MSN's problem. What was the real story?

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Are you going to be giving someone a new computer for the holidays?
Do you know how set up the new computer?

The first thing to consider is connecting all the wires. You have to provide electricity,
a monitor, keyboard, and mouse in order to allow you to get the basics running on the new computer.

After you turn on the new computer, you will probably notice that the new computer doesn't have the same programs as the old computer. If you installed any programs on the old computer, you need to install them on the new computer. Your old computer also might have arrived with programs pre-installed or already loaded on your computer.

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Are you considering a computer purchase for the holiday season?
There are a lot of great discount deals available at this time of year but you need to do your homework before you buy. You don't want to just buy "a cheap computer". You want to buy the best bang for the buck.

A lot of clients ask, "What is the best computer to buy?". They are usually considering brand names.
If you open up some of the major brand name computers, you will find that computer manufacturers don't build their own parts. They buy common components and assemble them in their own box or case. Some manufacturers neglect simple improvements and use the cheapest parts that they can find
to keep their price the lowest.

The big computer companies aren't doing us any favors when they offer the $399 computer. If you check the specifications of the low cost machine, you might find that the processor and memory is not sufficient. Sure, the computer will work but a bit more memory will make the computer much more efficient.

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Virus Removal & Tune Up

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