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Q: I received a new computer as a holiday present. How do I get it running?

A: Setting up your computer can be a bit intimidating but you can do it with a few pointers.

Open the boxes and remove the computer parts but don't throw away any of the documents that accompany the computer. Your new computer will most likely
 include software,  operating instructions, and licensing information. If you need to reinstall the software on the computer you will need the software and licensing information.

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Q: What does it mean to "IM" someone?

A: IM means Instant Message. IMing is almost as popular as email. If you ask any of the younger generation, they will tell you that IM is more popular than email. The younger people in my household have been known to be have phone conversations and simultaneous IM sessions with the SAME person. I 'm behind the times. I don't know why you would have  a phone conversation and IM session at the the same time.

Most of the big Internet Service Providers, ISPs, have their own blend of IM but the IM system most used is AOL's implementation.  AIM, Aol's Instant Messenger, is very easy to download and install. You don't have to be a member of AOL but you need to register as an AIM user. AIM is free for anyone to use.

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Q: Did you hear about the woman who sold her father's ghost on ebay?

A: In case you haven't heard of Ebay, ebay is a website that gets buyers and sellers of items together. Some of the items sold on ebay are a bit exotic but a ghost is really pushing the definition of exotic.

Ebay item 5541270243, "My father's ghost - grandfather cane, scared son", was sold for $75,000. When the item made the news, the bidding was only at $78 but an online casino was the high bidder for $75,000.

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The Christmas shopping season is upon us. You might want to take advantage of all the holiday sales and make a hi-tech purchase.

Do you have a computer user on your shopping list?
Are you considering a new computer or upgrading your old computer?

Don't just run out and buy a new computer. Carefully consider your purchase. Just because one computer costs more than another computer doesn't necessarily mean the more expensive computer is best for you.

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Have you installed a wireless network in your home?
Are you aware of some of the common problems with wireless networks?

The biggest thing that people overlook is security. Why do you need
security? If your network is not secure, Joe Hacker,
would be able to easily tap into your network to access the Internet
or your computer. You do have something in your favor. The range of wireless networks is very limited. The hacker would need to be next door or parked in front of your house.

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